Losing weight is a challenge many people go through, but people often run into struggles. With so much focus on specific foods, people can easily fall into and out of diets as food cravings rise and fall. One way to remove a little of the focus on the food is with intermittent fasting.

Fasting comes in many forms, but typically includes a short period of eating and a longer period of fasting, including the hours you spend asleep. Fasting uses very specific reactions in the body and is paired with other methods to help with weight loss. Learn about the benefits and how to get a jump-start on weight loss help.

Less hours to consume food

One of the main benefits of intermittent fasting is that you have less time to consume food. No matter what you eat regularly, you are cutting down on your body’s intake due to the set fasting hours. If you eat during an eight-hour period of the day, you can plan out your meals to fit within the time.

Your daily schedule like work and activities will also help limit the amount of eating you do. Once your fasting period starts, the body is completely cut off from calorie intake, helping you lose weight in the process. After a few weeks of the fasting, you may notice a difference in weight loss and will be used to the new routine.

Natural Body Reactions

Along with a reduction in calories, your body goes through many changes when it doesn’t need to constantly break down food. Your body will help break down extra cell waste and give you some increased energy when you go through periods of intermittent fasting.

An extra boost of energy from the fasting will help you get through workouts and other physical challenges if you choose. The benefits will help you achieve health goals and weight loss marks. Fasting alone can help boost weight loss, but pairing it with other weight-loss strategies comes with compound benefits you can take advantage of.

Decreased Inflammation

As you fast, your body will naturally have decreased inflammation. The decreased inflammation brings weight loss benefits, both direct and indirect. You may notice that you do not feel bloated as often. You could also have decreased inflammation in joint areas.

You may feel more mobile and able to complete more advanced workouts due to the fasting. Without swelling and pain, you can run for longer, use exercise equipment, or complete deep yoga stretches. You will notice the inflammation decrease gradually over time, although you may notice it in some areas sooner than others.

Decreased Insulin Levels

For some people, an increase in weight gain can lead to higher insulin levels and an increased risk of diabetes. While there are many ways to decrease insulin levels, intermittent fasting is an effective measure to consider. As you eliminate food from your body for longer periods of time, your insulin levels will naturally decrease.

The decrease of insulin will help when you do eat during the day. You can help reduce spikes in insulin levels and the insulin will also decrease as you lose weight and cut out foods, especially if you cut out carb-heavy foods that raise insulin levels, like sugars and breads.

You can find out more about intermittent fasting and its weight-loss benefits through our services atBasin Family Care, Inc. We’ll be happy to help you work on an individual plan to ensure you reach your weight-loss goals. Individual care can help ensure you focus on a treatment that is suited to your body and lifestyle.

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