Do you want a fresh, youthful appearance? Botox is a popular choice for women and men who want to fill fine facial lines. If you’re not sure whether this cosmetic injectable is right for you, take a look at the answers to the top concerns and questions patients have.

Is Botox an Invasive Procedure?

An invasive procedure is a surgical process where a doctor incises (or cuts) the skin. Facial contouring procedures such as rhinoplasty (commonly known as a nose job), neck lift, brow lift, chin enhancement, and cheek enhancement are cosmetic surgeries that require incisions. In comparison, facial injectables won’t require invasive methods.

Will Facial Injections Hurt?

Pain is a common concern for many patients. The injection can cause some discomfort – but most patients don’t experience significant pain. While every patient has a different sensation tolerance level, Botox injections are comparable to the feeling of a small rubber band snapping quickly against the skin.

Is Botox Effective Immediately?

Do you want immediate results? If you have an upcoming event, you may need a procedure that minimizes fine lines and rejuvenates your face almost immediately. Unlike surgical options, which come with weeks of healing time, injectable results may be noticeable within 24 to 72 hours. Not only will you notice results right away, facial injectables shouldn’t cause the bruising or swelling invasive procedures do.

Will the Results Fade?

Botox isn’t permanent. Facial injectable results may last for three to four months, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. Some patients may have shorter or longer lasting results. This means you’ll need repeat injections to maintain your new fresh-faced look. Your doctor will recommend a realistic schedule for your individual needs.

What are the Results?

Before you choose this type of injectable, you need to understand what to expect from the overall results. Botox won’t erase deep wrinkles or correct drooping eyelids. But it can reduce the appearance of crown’s feet, frown lines, lip lines, neck bands, and chin dimpling. If you’re not sure whether this injectable option will meet your needs, discuss the potential results with your doctor.

Can Botox Cause a Major Change in Appearance?

Simply stated – no. Your friends and family will still recognize you after an injection session. Instead of a total facial change, this cosmetic option will freshen your face and possibly take a few years off your overall appearance. While you’ll still look like you, those nearest to you may think you look well rested or notice your smoother skin.

Do Injectables Have Side Effects?

Every medical procedure can have some side effects. Like other cosmetic options, Botox could cause an adverse reaction. While rare, side effects from this type of injectable may include numbness (in the injection area), a headache, temporary eyelid drooping, dry eye, mild discomfort, or mild swelling.

The likelihood and seriousness of side effects depends on several factors, including the intended injectable use and your body’s reaction. Along with these factors, the person who administers the injections plays a role in the results. Only a qualified medical professional with expertise and experience in this type of injection should administer Botox.

Is Botox Expensive?

Price is a concern for some potential patients. The exact cost of the injectable and the service required to administer it depends on several factors, and different medical providers may charge somewhat different prices. Discuss the price per service with your doctor’s office staff before you schedule your appointment.

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